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Central Air Conditioner Installation: Why It Is Important?

Suppose you would like to understand just why ac is indeed important. It is important to comprehend history, how it works, and its benefits to our lives. The annals of air conditioning are, in fact, very interesting. It shaped the way we condition our homes today. Learning the real history of air conditioning can help you learn to appreciate the current tools we’ve at our disposal today. If you do not have an air conditioner, you should get one at the moment possible. Air conditioners can drastically enhance your quality of life.

You can find all sorts of air conditioning systems that may be utilized today. If you may not have central air, you will find other choices. Options such as ductless or portable air conditioners are good temporary solutions for a property. However, if you want to increase the worth of a property, have a central air conditioner installation service upgrade your home.

This could have a primary impact on your own property’s value. If you possess a home area without heating, this could cause your home’s selling value to decrease in price. Texas can be unbearably hot, and having a property without heat can cause new home buyers never to want to manage the hassle of no central air or heating.

Central air and heating have many advantages. Central air conditioning installation is initially a big cost due to the way central air is installed. Air ducts should be installed through the house and attached with vents. This may take a significant remodel if your property doesn’t already have systems like this in place.

However, this addition is worth it, not only for the increase in value to your home that it will provide but also for the fact that it increases your comfort and saves energy in some cases.

Central Air conditioners may also be a lot more convenient than a great many other ac systems. Portable air conditioners or window units are great for temporary use. However, as time passes, these air conditioners may end up being an issue. Central air conditioning installation is the best selection for long-haul use for a variety of reasons.

Central air conditioning installation can offer automated air temperature control. While you are out of the home at the office or the store, you shouldn’t leave your air conditioning. This could result in temperatures that can be too cold for comfort, along with a waste of energy. Controlled air-conditioned temperatures can assist you to conserve money on energy usage by shutting off when the weather has reached the required level.

These temporary answers to ac can also result in an enormous waste of energy due to how they should be used. These air conditioners require the use of a screen. This is not an air-tight or insulated design. This may result in air leakage. In most cases, it does.

Your room won’t stay cool, and you must manually turn your air conditioning on and off to keep your room at the perfect temperature. Central air conditioning installation can alleviate this issue. With central air, you can have your windows closed and have your air conditioning running. This may work even better if your windows are insulated. This can help you not need to use the maximum amount of energy and prevent energy waste from occurring.


Choosing the Right Slot Punches

Slot punches are a handy tool that is used frequently whenever ID cards are printed in-house. What is a slot punch? It’s a device that one uses to punch a hole or a slot in an ID card or ID badge. This allows you to attach the appropriate hardware to the ID cards so that they can be attached to belts, lanyards, and other items of clothing for a very professional look. It is almost impossible to get a professional hole in an ID card without out a punch. In fact, if you need a slot card it is the only method that won’t cause the card to split.

The slot punch allows you to place different size holes in your ID cards. One reason why the slot punch is so popular is because that they don’t crack the laminate, thereby reducing the amount of waste. There’s simply no other tool that you can use that works so effectively and neatly. Let’s not forget just how affordable it is too.

The big decision in choosing a punch is the type of slot punch that you want for the ID cards you will be punching. Choosing becomes much easier once you know what your options are. There are both manual and electric slot punches from which to choose. The electric punches are the most common choice for business, however you can choose from:

-Hand-held Slot Punches
-Table-Top Slot Punches
-Electric Slot Punches
-Stapler Style Slot Punches

Hand-held slot punches are the least costly and they are also the easiest to use. If your punch needs are only occasionally, the hand-held punch may be all you need. This isn’t a good option if you will be doing a lot of punching, and generally not the best choice for an office. However, these are the cheapest of the various types of slot punches.

If you are going to be punching a great deal of holes, you’ll love the table-top slot punch. It’s quick, simple, and very easy to use. It’s suited for small to medium size businesses with heavy printing needs. In a very short period of time you’ll have your punching project completed.

Because the table-top slot punches are designed to do more than one function, it will be able to take care of all your punching needs. Your table-top slot machine can create perfectly round holes or it can put slots in your ID cards. The slot punch ensures there will be no sharp or rough edged on the ID cards. You get a hassle free, perfect punch every single time.

My Slot – The Definitive Guide to Creating Your Own Online Slot!

Opening new doors and possibilities in the online casino industry My Slot (online video slot) brings internet casino players the opportunity to alter and personalize their own video slot. This latest generation of online casino slots allows players to upload their own pictures, sounds and colour themes thus delivering a brand new and unique casino slot experience to anyone playing the game. The My Slot video slot is a revolutionary concept forged by online casino industry game makers Microgaming(TM).

Once having downloaded any casino supported by Microgaming’s software, the installation procedure of the very game is simple. All players need to do is choose My Slot from the bouquet of listed slot games and wait for the game to be uploaded to their casino lobby.

Changing images

Once the game has been uploaded to the player’s casino lobby, one can begin changing the look and feel of the game by clicking on each symbol revealed on the games ‘create new theme’ interface. The bare game has preloaded preset symbols such as bells, cherries, bar symbols, oranges and a wad of money as the high paying symbols.

Parallel to the high paying symbols, the low paying symbols are denoted by 6 playing card symbols extending from 9 to Ace.

My Slot is a 5-reel, 9 Payline slot which also contains the Wild and Scatter symbols designed at providing the player with heftier winning opportunities – these are found on the top right corner of the ‘create new theme’ interface and are too easily substituted with alternative images. After the player has clicked on the image he/she has decided to modify, the player’s personal ‘my pictures’ folder is instantaneously opened where the player can select and upload the image of his/her choice. If the image picked is not located in the designated pc image folder there is of course also the option of choosing any directory; providing that it contains an image. There are no image size limitations and players can amend all images with the useful symbols editor. This particular tool is effortless to use and permits the player to select a desired element of the preferred image.

Selecting a color theme

The color theme option is located at the bottom left corner of the theme interface. Here players can change the background color of their slot complementing the images previously selected. If one has chosen images of nature, then perhaps a good choice of a backdrop color would be green or sky blue. All colors are apparent since a selection can be made from a complete color spectrum found at the very bottom of the color theme selector.

Changing the theme music

My Slot players can also alter the tune accompanying their gameplay. All they need to do is click on the ‘change’ button found on the bottom right-hand corner of the ‘create new theme’ interface. Players can now choose their favorite song or sound in order to make the My Slot experience a completely original affair.

Slot Terms – Glossary

Slots have changed noticeably over the years and so too has the ‘language of slots’. Let’s explore some slot terms with this short-version glossary.

Basic Slots: Single payline, known as straight or “flat-top” slots, have a constant top jackpot payout that does not change.

Bet Max: is to bet the max coins for each play/spin. The best payouts occur when the maximum bet is wagered. Exception: when playing multi-line slots, you must activate all paylines, but to stretch your playing time, bet 1-2 coins/line.

Bonus Added Slots: Features include multi-spins, 5 reels, multi-lines, bonus games, wild symbols, scatter pay, multiplier and nudge-hold. Available at casinos online and land-based.

Collect: Amount of credits/cash won after a session of slot play. Bonus slots conclude the bonus round with a Collect button.

Double/Triple Symbols: Whenever these symbols appear in the center of a single payline slot in combination with other symbols creating a winning combination, the payoff amount is doubled or tripled. Two or three of these same symbols increase the jackpot payout.

Hit Frequency: is the average number of spins for slots. The lower the hit frequency, the better.

For example, a 2 indicates a hit every second spin, while a 7 is a hit approx. every 7th spin. It is better to have a payout on average every 2nd spin, rather than every 7th spin.

Hold and Re-Spin Bonus Slots: Player holds the reel results while the other reels spin unassisted resulting in additional credits.

Line Bet: Wager for each line activated. Tip: to receive full value at a multi-line bonus slot, you should activate all available paylines.

Linked Jackpot: increased by a percentage of coins bet by two or more machines.

Multi-Line Slots: offer multiple paylines up to as many as 50. Most of these versions come in penny denominations; also nickel, quarter and dollar.

Multiplier: Slot feature where winning credits are multiplied 2X-10X for a bonus win.

Multiplier Slots Version: pays for certain symbols on a graduating scale. On a three reel, you get 5 coins for a ‘cherry’ playing 1 coin, 10 pay for 2 coins and 15 pay for 3 coins. The payouts for playing 1 coin are much smaller than if you played max. coins.

Nudge Slots: Slot feature where a paying symbol will ‘drop down’ creating a win. It could be a basketball, diamond, cherry or wild symbol. You just need a little nudge up or down and you are in the money. Nudge slots usually display the word ‘Deluxe’ in the name.

Progressive Slots: offer growing jackpots dependent upon amount of monies played through the linked bank/carousel slots. A larger bankroll is required and all progressives are at least three coin max slots with two jackpot levels – primary and secondary. When either jackpot wins, values are reset to minimums for each. Max play is mandatory here.

Slot Machine Manufacturers

The production of slots has become an increasingly competitive market in recent years. Not long ago, in the 1970’s, approximately 90 percent of the market was owned by one company, Bally Gaming Systems. Therefore, during that time, if you were to play a slot machine it is most likely that you were playing one made by Bally. Now there are well over a dozen slot machine manufacturers in the market, including software designers that create slot machines for online casinos. Following, though not a comprehensive list, is a sample of some of the biggest names in the field of traditional slot machine manufacturing.

AC Coin & Slot was founded in 1978 in Pleasantville, New Jersey. I don’t know about you, but when I watched Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire in Pleasantville, I had no idea the town was real. I certainly didn’t think it was in New Jersey, though parts of the Garden State seem pleasant enough. Any way, AC Coin & Slot started building slot machines around the same time gambling was legalized in New Jersey and currently, in addition to selling their own slots, are the exclusive distributor of slots made by International Game Technology in Atlantic City.

Aruze Corporation, based in Japan, produces slot machines and other products. They are licensed to manufacture and distribute slot machines in Nevada, New Jersey and Mississippi. Aruze Gaming America, their U.S. branch, is based in Vegas and is a 100%-owned subsidiary.

Atronic Americas is not, like you might expect, a company based in North, South or Central America. It’s actually a German company. For some reason, they didn’t think Atronic Deutchland sounded good. It has a nice ring if you ask me. Anyway, the company began in 1994 and has become the third-largest slot machine manufacturer in the world.

Bally Gaming Systems is the original big boy on the scene. Started in 1968, it has operated under a variety of names, including Bally Technologies, and manufactured the first multi-coin slot and the first video multi-coin slot. Though they don’t have a stranglehold on the market like they used to, Bally is still a dominant name in the industry. They are not related to Bally Total Fitness.

International Game Technology (IGT) is a manufacturer based on Reno, Nevada, home of Lieutenant Jim Dangle and his fine deputies. IGT is a multinational corporation, with branch offices located across the globe and is the largest slot machine manufacturer in the world. They were an innovator in popularizing wide-area progressive slots and created a ticketed system called EZ-Pay.

Konami Gaming is the gambling division of the Japanese company best known for creating popular video games played in arcades and on Nintendos across the world. How awesome is Konami? They created Castlevania. Enough said. They have been manufacturing slots since 1973, but have only distributed slots in the United States since 2003. They are now licensed in Nevada and several tribal territories in America.

Mikohn Gaming is a relative newcomer to slot machine manufacturing. They are based in Las Vegas and began in 1996. The majority of the games they develop and market belong to IGT.

Visiting Vegas? Las Vegas Slot Machine Gambling Tips For Seniors

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas soon, you might want to consider the following tips for seniors on gambling with slot machines. Believe me; these tips come from years of experience.

First is the most important tip. When you arrive (and if you stay on or visit the Las Vegas strip) go outside your hotel and look around at all the massive resorts that have been built in Las Vegas in the past several years. Billions and billions of dollars have gone into the construction of Las Vegas resorts. Then, think about where the money to build these mega-resorts came from. When you think about this, you will then be able to realize what the odds are that you will leave Las Vegas a winner.

Still interested in giving your money to the resorts? If so, follow these rules and you will likely give them less money than you would otherwise.

First and only rule: Don’t play the slot machines!

But if you just can’t resist, here are some suggestions:

1) Be very aware of the maximum amount needed to play in order to win the big jackpots. Remember that in Las Vegas on penny slots you may have to play at least 300 coins in order to win the bid pot. In other words, penny slots are really $3.00 machines.

2) If you are looking for the best mega-jackpot machine in Las Vegas to play, play the .25 cent Wheel of Fortune. This jackpot pays out on average every 14 days. Remember though, that this is an average and that it may be shorter or longer than 14 days. Also remember that only one machine in the entire State of Nevada will pay out the jackpot. You can find mega-jackpot totals at

3) If you are able to get off the Las Vegas strip, go to some local casinos like the Palms, Rio, Gold Coast, Orleans, any of the Stations Casinos or downtown to play. They do have a higher percentage payout but remember the odds are still stacked against you.

4) Regardless of what you read on the Internet about “equal opportunity” slot machines, some machines and areas of a casino do pay out more than others. Sometimes by just being an observer, you can locate machines that pay out better. Some areas to consider: MGM Grand lion machines just off the main elevators. Harrah’s Dollar World near the sports book. MGM Mirage just off the elevators to the right going toward the elevators and to the left coming from the elevators. Flamingo “Sizzling Sevens” near the sports book.

5) Most all machines now are ticket-less so put your money in the machine and then immediately “cash out”, take the ticket to the change booth and tell the attendant that you just won the amount you put in the machine. You will feel better and have more money.

Las Vegas Beginnings – Part One

The first European to pass through the land that is now Las Vegas was Rafael Rivera. He discovered the valley and its supply of fresh spring water which was south of the original route while on a trading expedition in the winter of 1829. The expedition was organized by a New Mexico merchant by the name of Antonio Armiji. The name Las Vegas is translated from the Spanish name of “The Meadows”. Sometime after 1855, a 150 sq foot fort was erected in the Las Vegas Valley that was a place for Mormon’s traveling from Salt Lake, Utah, to California to rest. By 1858, numerous Indian raids drove the Mormons out of the valley abandoning the fort. Today a remnant of the original fort can be visited by tourists in the “Old Vegas Mormon State Historic Park” at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Washington Avenue, downtown Las Vegas. The park is open year round, and the visitor center is home to many historic exhibits and artifacts.

Founding of the City:

The next settlers to the area were railroad tycoons. By the turn of the twentieth century, the valley was selected as a perfect location for a new town. Work began on the new Union Pacific railroad in the summer of 1904, which would connect California with the eastern states of the time. The original rail station was located at Fremont and Main streets downtown and was located inside a hotel where The Plaza Hotel and Casino stands today. Las Vegas was founded on May 15th, 1905 after Montana Senator Williams Andrews Clark sold off 110 acres, and later on March 16th, 1911 it became an incorporated city.

From Railroads to Gambling:

On October 1st, 1910 an anti-gambling law was passed in the state of Nevada which prompted illegal gambling in underground clubs. Underground gambling continued until a legalized gambling bill was passed by the Nevada Legislature on March 19th, 1931. The bill was a rancher named Phil Tobin’s answer to raise money for the local public school system. Today, gambling tax revenue funds 43% of the state fund and of that 34 % is given to public education.

First Casinos:

Once the Hoover Dam was completed on October 9th, 1936 it became a major tourist attraction bringing people from all over the country to Las Vegas. It also brought the American Mafia to town with big dreams of gambling, girls, and money. The first Casino-hotel to open on December 26th, 1946, was Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel’s Flamingo Hotel located at the Las Vegas Strip. Today the Flamingo is owned by the Hilton Hotel Group and the last building of the original 1940’s structure, The Oregon Building where Bugsy’s suite was located was bulldozed to make room for construction of the last tower addition which was finished and opened in 1995.

Early Life On The Strip:

The opening of the Desert Inn built by Wilbur Clark in 1950 started a boom in construction of new Hotels and Casinos on the Vegas Strip. 1952 saw the opening of the Sahara Hotel built by Milton Prell, followed by The Sands Hotel which opened on December 15th, 1952 and was the 7th resort on the strip. The Sands was founded by Jakie Freedman and was bought in the 1960’s by billionaire Howard Hughes who lived his life til death in one of the suites. MGM bought the hotel in 1988 only to sell it a year later to The Interface Group. Although the Sands was the first casino to allow Africian-Americans to stay in the hotel and gamble in the 1960’s and was home to the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford) and the filming location for both Ocean’s Eleven, and later scenes of Con Air, by the 1990’s it couldn’t compete with the newer megaresorts being built on the strip. The hotel was ultimately demolished on November 26th, 1996. The movie “The Cooler” shows footage of the demolition in its closing credits.

Macau, the Next Vegas? Las Vegas Beginnings


Macau is an area off the southern China coast,north or the islands of Taipa and Coloane in the South China Sea. Macau is 28.2 sq km and connects to Taipa by 3 bridges and the land is mostly urban development.


Macau became the first European settlement after the Portuguese arrived in China in the early 16th century. They turned the area into a trading post governed by the Portuguese but owned by the Chinese. Macau became a neutral port during the Second World War after the Japanese occupied Hong Kong in 1943. Japan continued power until August 1945. China didn’t reclaim Macau until December 20th, 1999 which up to that time, China had considered Macau to be a “Chinese territory under temporary Portuguese administration”.

Population Facts

In 2008 the population of Macau was recorded to be 545,674. The majority of people are between the ages of 15 and 64, Chinese decent makes up the majority of the population with only 5.7 percent being of other decent. The language spoken is mostly Cantonese, and over 90 percent of the population can read and write. Half of the population are Buddhist, the other half Roman Catholic, none or other religions.


The two biggest industries are tourism and gaming. The only legal gambling area in China, Macau has attracted foreign investments since 2001 in the tens of billions of dollars. Gaming accounts for 75 percent of government revenue and in 2006 surpassed the revenue generated on the Las Vegas Strip. Macau’s economy is growing at approximately 27 percent making 2007’s GDP or Purchasing Power Parity over 19 billion dollars. Macau’s tourism in 2007 was up 62 percent to 27 million visitors since 2003.

The Casinos

The main strip of casinos and hotels is 2.9 km long and called the Cotai Strip, which is home to 26 casinos. The number of casinos should double in number by 2009. The first American casino to be built and opened was the Sands Macao. The Sands Macao is one of the largest casinos in the world, cost $240 million to build and is 229,000 sq feet. The Las Vegas Sands corporation also build the Venetian Macao modeled after the The Venetian in Las Vegas, cost $2.4 billion to build and is the largest hotel in Asia and the 3rd largest building in the world. The casino opened in August 2007, has 3000 suites and has the largest casino space in the world at 550,000 sq feet. Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation plans to invest $12 billion by 2010 towards opening more hotels such as the Four Seasons and The Sheraton. Macau Peninsula is home to over 38 casinos, and the Cotai Strip has been growing rapidly since the opening of The Venetian Macao, followed by Galaxy Mega Resort in 2008 and 2009 will see the openings of City of Dreams, Far East Consortium Complex, Four Seasons, and Macau Studio City.

Zimbabwe Casinos

The entire process of living in Zimbabwe is something of a gamble at the moment, so you might think that there would be little appetite for patronizing Zimbabwe’s casinos. Actually, it seems to be working the other way around, with the desperate economic circumstances leading to a greater desire to gamble, to try and find a quick win, a way out of the problems.

For most of the locals living on the meager local wages, there are two popular forms of gambling, the national lottery and Zimbet. Just as with most everywhere else in the world, there is a national lottery where the odds of winning are extremely low, but then the prizes are also extremely high. It’s been said by economists who study the subject that most do not buy a ticket in the rational expectation of winning; people understand the odds well enough. Rather, the possession of a ticket that might win that fortune acts as a pleasure in itself, dreaming about what could be done, if it did win. Zimbet is based on either the local or the UK football leagues and involves predicting the results of future matches.

Zimbabwe’s casinos, on the other hand, cater to the very rich of the society and tourists. Until recently, there was a very large tourist industry, based on safaris and visits to Victoria Falls. The economic woes and associated violence have cut into this trade.

Amongst Zimbabwe’s casions, there are two in the capital, Harare, the Carribea Bay Resort and Casino, which has five gaming tables and slots, and the Plumtree Casino, which has just the slot machines. The Zambesi Valley Hotel and Entertainment Centre in Kariba also has just slots. Mutare has the Monclair Hotel and Casino and the Leopard Rock Hotel and Casino, both of which have gaming tables and slot and video machines, and Victoria Falls has the Elephant Hills Hotel and Casino and the Makasa Sun Hotel and Casino, both of which have gaming machines and tables.

In addition to Zimbabwe’s casinos and the above mentioned lottery and Zimbet (which is very like a pools system), there are also two horse racing tracks in the country: the Matabeleland Turf Club in Bulawayo (the second city) and the Borrowdale Park in Harare.

Given that the economy has shrunk by more than 40% in recent years and with the associated poverty and violence that has resulted, it isn’t known how well the tourist industry which supports Zimbabwe’s casinos will do in the near future. How many of them will survive until things improve is simply unknown.